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Destination Greenville

Greenville is highly renowned for…

A Vibrant Downtown

Visitors are amazed to see Greenville's beautiful tree-lined Main Street, tons of exciting restaurants and bars, great shopping, performance venues, nice hotels, and a river with its own waterfalls . . . right in the heart of downtown.  City leaders from across America flock to see a downtown that's won countless national awards and press for its spectacular revitalization success.

Liberty Bridge at Falls Park

What was once an ugly overpass and a forgotten waterway is now an award-winning park with a landmark footbridge, spanning the now-beautiful Reedy River and surrounding Falls Park.  Greenville's iconic destination ("Meet me on the Bridge") is a beloved, much-photographed magnet for visitors and locals.  Any beautiful day draws legions of happy pedestrians to the lushly landscaped greenbelt beneath Liberty Bridge, for dog-walking, picnicking, Shakespeare in the park, jogging, or a romantic moment on a swing with a view of it all.

Outdoor Recreation

Greenville is world-renowned as a destination for cyclists.  Favorite local son George Hincapie - training partner of Lance Armstrong - has been instrumental in bringing the USA Pro Cycling championships to town each year.  Paris Mountain, just minutes north of downtown, makes an ideal training ground.  Runners and walkers take advantage of beautiful Falls Park, Cleveland Park and the city's lovely neighborhoods, while hikers head north to the Blue Ridge foothills to explore and enjoy countless trails and waterfalls.  Tennis and golf are year-round past-times.

Arts & Culture

Performing and visual arts are so abundant in Greenville that any weekend forces hard choices:  symphony or blues?  Art opening or live theater?  Ballet or touring Broadway show?   Downtown is filled with galleries and performance arts venues, most notably the Peace Center, which has two indoor theaters and outdoor amphitheater.  Bob Jones University has a world-class art collection and several lovely museums are scattered across the city.   Choose your pleasures, and good luck trying to "do it all." 

Cutting-Edge Engineering and Automotive Research

BMW's massive automotive production facility is located on the edge of Greenville, as is Michelin's US Headquarters.  Clemson University's CU-ICAR Campus (Intl Center for Automotive Research) attracts the best and brightest engineers and think-tank alliances (BMW, Timken among them).  Greenville Tech's engineering department cranks out local talent, and countless affiliated businesses and manufacturers call Greenville home.  



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