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Historical Perspective

The gated, grass covered road bed that traverses across this private property on its way to the summit was, in the 1800s, the exact path that the horse drawn coaches traveled in route to the Altamont Hotel that sat atop the mountain.  This hotel had viewing decks that wrapped around the entire hotel perimeter at all three levels.  The "Altamont" was a summer retreat for plantation owners from Charleston who escape the summer heat and mosquitoes along the South Carolina coast during hot summer months.

The Charlestonian hotel guests were made up of families who traveled by rail from Charleston through Columbia up to Newberry and on to the new train station located on Augusta Street in the fast growing town of Greenville.  Horse
drawn coaches awaited their arrival. These coaches took over two hours to travel from the train station to the mountain top hotel.            Once the coaches arrived at the base of Paris Mountain, the head driver would blow a bugle the number of times equal to the number of guest in the coaches. It took 45 minutes from that point to reach the hotel. By that time, the exact number of meals had been prepared for the exact number of new guest arriving at the Altamont Hotel.

The Altamont Hotel had twenty three spacious rooms and was a popular resort hotel in the late 1800s.

The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1920.  

11,000 years earlier the mountain was occupied by the Cherokee which is another story all in itself.

There is a lot to be known about this very special, historic property once owned by Richard Parris.  Parris married a Cherokee to gain eligibility, under the laws of the Cherokee, to acquire 32000 acres of Cherokee land.  "The Rock" property, it wide range view, unspoiled nature and its vantage point for the Cherokee was a significant part of that tract of land acquired by Parris during the 1700s.

Gold and other valuables that were buried in caves, on the property; in anticipation of raids during the Civil War is one of many stories about this special place.


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