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Much has been written about the rarity of a certain tract of land at the western end of Paris Mountain in upper South Carolina. Within this tract of land is a landmark known by locals as "The Rock", It was for many years known more precisely as KA Rock" since members of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Furman University claimed it as their special place. The KA rock could be seen from virtually any part of the Furman campus. This special place can also be seen from a vast portion of Greenville County and from as far away as places like Highlands, North Carolina. Likewise, from "The Rock" the human eye sees a view range and a variety of images that is impossible to describe.

Within this 14 acre tract of land there are numerous spectacular building sites, all with unbelievable view ranges. This is land that is high in elevation, very easy to access and has been well protected. There has been no timbering and there are numerous hardwood trees that are record sizes.

The same path traveled by horse drawn carriages enroute to the Altamont Hotel and Spa during the 1800s and early 1900s is still there, running through the center of the tract including a private drive that passes through the property to The Pinnacle.

Since the 1700s, this place has been recognized as a "one of a kind place", existing in a rare location, overlooking the city of Greenville and everything else in all directions.  The unusual and vastly important physical location of the 14 acre tract is that it is only slightly more than one mile off Poinsett Highway which is the primary corridor into the City of Greenville, less than seven miles away. Trips from the 14 acres into the city would take, at most, 15 minutes.


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